Cortland Memorial Foundation成立于1978年, the Cortland Memorial Foundation (CMF) exists to support Guthrie Cortland Medical Center's effort to continually expand services, 开发新项目, and bring leading-edge medical technology and treatments to our community. Through the generous support of our donors, the Foundation works to guarantee quality health 护理 remains close to home, 就在科特兰.

的 Foundation supports the Guthrie Cortland Medical Center as an independent organization with a separate board of directors. CMF is a tax-exempt corporation pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Help us continue our legacy of 同情ate 护理. 今天捐赠!

Help us continue our legacy of 同情ate 护理. 今天捐赠!



Cortland Memorial Foundation helps Guthrie Cortland Medical Center raise funds in several key ways each year.

  • 特别活动
    Throughout the year, the Foundation hosts fundraising events that support its work, including the Nightingale Benefit Concert高尔夫经典, 希金斯的社会 事件, 黄金丰收晚会. Visit this page for event updates and sponsorship opportunities.
  • 的 Grateful Patient Program
    This program provides our patients with the opportunity to say thank you to the 护理givers and staff who made a difference when they were needed the most.
  • 希金斯学会
    As one of Cortland Hospital's first physicians in 1891, Dr. 弗朗西斯·W. Higgins was there to volunteer his medical services to the community from the first day we opened our doors. 的 希金斯的社会 was established in tribute to the clinical excellence, 同情, and volunteerism that three generations of Higgins family physicians have brought to our community since then. Annual membership levels begin at $250.
  • 的 Nicholas Renzi Cancer Care Fund
    9月23日, 2022, the Cancer Care Fund was renamed the Nicholas Renzi Cancer Care Fund, in honor of Nicholas Renzi for his generosity, 护理, and support of the Renzi Cancer Center.  Dollars from the Nicholas Renzi Cancer Care Fund will be used for small equipment purchases, educational and comfort items for oncology patients, 员工教育, and financial assistance for cancer patients. 
  • Planned Giving through the Charles Gibson Legacy Society
    委员会成员 Charles Gibson Legacy Society have expressed their commitment to the Cortland Memorial Foundation (CMF) through a very special and important form of financial support - planned giving.

For more information about giving opportunities, please contact Sheila Ossit, Director of the Cortland Memorial Foundation, by phone at 607-756-3757 or by email at